Interesting facts about Physiotherapy

  • Physiotherapy and physical therapy is the same thing
  • Physiotherapists work in a variety of settings including outpatient clinics, private clinics, hospitals, schools and even can visit your home.
  • There are lots of different types of therapy that a physiotherapist can do. They include: orthopedic, post-operative care, cardiovascular, neurologic rehabilitation, or pulmonary rehab
  • Physiotherapists are trained in massage, but it is not the same massage you receive at the spa. The massage performed by your physiotherapist is used to reduce tightness and work on tissue mobility of the muscle that is in pain
  • Physiotherapy treatments and exercises are done to relieve pain
  • Physiotherapists design exercises specifically for you. These exercises are to be done at home to help improve your health
  • Several health conditions can be improved or treated with physiotherapy including dizziness, headaches, vertigo, jaw pain, back pain, chronic pain etc.

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