Simple Tips for Dining Out on a Diet

No one stays home anymore. Where are we? We are sitting in restaurants. We no longer need a reason or a special occasion to eat out. People across metro and non-metro cities, eat out simply because they want to experiment or they love food, or that’s how they want to spend their free time. As we dine out more and more, the percentage of obese people increases, while are wallets decreases.

So what's the solution? Eat only steamed veggies? Refuse to dine out? On the contrary, you can dine out happily and enjoy your experience by learning how to navigate any menu. Here are some tips from ZevA, that will help you eat smart while dining out.

Know what they serve

For most of the restaurants these days, you can check online and look at their menus. Check out for dishes which are health like grilled items, salads, vegetable sides, and so on. Decide before you go what you will order, and stick to your decision once you get there.

Have it the way you want

Before ordering your choice of food, ask the waiter/server about the details of the meal. This will help you make a more informed choice. Some questions you can ask are:

  • How is the dish prepared?
  • What ingredients are used?
  • Do you have any low-fat or low-calorie options?
  • Can I make substitutions?
  • How large are the portions?

Don't be afraid to make special requests. For example, ask whether the foods can be served with minimal butter or oil. Ask if a particular dish can be baked rather than fried. If your dish does not come to your table the way you ordered it, don't be afraid to send it back. You have the right to eat not only what tastes good, but what is good for you.

Stay away from starters

Appetizer trays are loaded with fat and they take away your appetite for the healthiest foods to come, so avoid them. Even the freebies like chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants can pile up fat and calories that you don't need. If you can't exercise control, remove your temptation.

Be salad savvy

A salad can be your meal's best friend. Pile on fresh greens, beans and veggies, but don't drown it with high-fat dressings or toppings like cheese, eggs and bacon. Pick calorie-friendly dressings like vinaigrette, a generous squeeze of fresh lemon.

Go low on sides

Substitute high-calorie side dishes with low-fat options such as steamed vegetables, brown rice or fresh fruit. Forget the French fries, and have baked, boiled or roasted potatoes and leave off the butter, cheese and creams. Flavor it with salsa or pepper instead.

Importance of a Dietician

Diet is something that differs for every individual. It is not advisable to download some diet plan from the internet and follow it without any guidance. Everyone of us have different metabolism, lifestyle and calorie requirement. All these factors have to be analysed in-depth before a diet plan is prepared. This shows the importance of ZevA Dietitians, who can work to transform lifestyles for the complete household and make you fit and healthy.

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