What can I use ZevA for ?

ZevA connects you to a wide range of verified medical practitioners available in Real-Time. You can avail the services of Doctors, Nurses, Medical Companions, Physiotherapists and Dieticians at your convenient place and time.

Can I pre-book my appointments?

Yes, you can pre-book your appointments for physiotherapists, dietitians, nurses and medical companions except doctors.

What are the payment options?

ZevA offers only online transactions. Cash payment to any medical professional is not accepted.

How long will it take for Medical Practitioner to arrive after booking?

While booking, estimated time of arrival (ETA) will be available on ZevA app for any medical professional near you. However, there is also turn around time (TAT) of 1 hour.

How much do doctor charge per visit?

The cost per visit varies depending on the doctor or any medical professional. The cost will be clearly mentioned while you are choosing your doctor or medical professional on ZevA app.

Will the doctor visit me on weekends?

Yes, you can book for your doctor or any medical professional whenever you are in need through ZevA app and they will visit you at your convenient place and time.

Do you provide qualified clinicians?

Clinicians are given opportunity to enrol in ZevA app. Our back end team does the verification of the clinician’s professional credentials and medical licensure.

Can I book a doctor and nurse at same time?

Yes, you can book all five medical practitioners at the same time through ZevA app.

What should I do if the doctor hasn't turned up within 30 minutes of booking time?

You can reach us out at support@zevahealth.com or call us @ 7200684005.

How do I cancel the visit, as I had to leave the home for emergency, after the doctor confirms the appointment?

No, the app doesn't allow any user to cancel the appointment once it is booked.

Does ZevA have services at the night hours (8 PM - 8 AM)?

We have few clinicians working at the graveyard shifts. They are equipped to serve the primary care of the patient. We do encourage patients to approach the nearby medical facilities in case of emergencies at night. Peak hour & night hour charges may vary from the regular clinician charges.

I faced an issue during booking a doctor. How can I raise a complaint?

You can report any booking related issue to support@zevahealth.com

How can I get the invoice for my appointments?

Write a mail to us from registered email address, mention the service for which the invoice is required.

How can I check the total price of the last appointment?

You can check the appointments tab in the app for the price of the last appointment.

Should I share the OTP to the doctor given from ZevA?

Yes, the doctor can start consultation only if OTP is given.

Can I book a ZevA Doctor by calling ZevA Customer care?

No, our customer support team will not be able to book appointments for you offline.

Am I guaranteed to get a doctor if request is raised and doctor has accepted?

ZevA apps connects you to the doctor of your choice, will not guarantee on doctor reaching time, as we understand, clinicians sometimes may be with another patient or can be in traffic.

How do I set an emergency SOS contact?

ZevA app has an emergency SOS option, where you can enter an SOS contact number. This SOS will work if it is clicked, the emergency contact person will be intimated with an SMS with your present latitude.

How do I raise an emergency alert?

You will have to simply click on the SOS button during an ongoing appointment.

What are the kind of issues a ZevA physiotherapist will be ready to handle at home ?

Whether it is an excruciating backache, an arthritic pain, geriatric related immobility issues that you are looking to get recovered, or a sports injury/post surgical rehabilitation, then you can be assured to have a certified, specialised and experienced ZevA physiotherapist.

What will be the duration for each physiotherapy session?

The maximum duration of each session is 1 hour, depending on the patient’s problem.

If I have to book a physiotherapy session for my mom and dad, do I need to book twice or the same physio can complete the sessions for both in the same booking?

The treatment and assessment for both of them will be different. Two bookings are supposed to be done for your mother and father separately.

Can I avail 24 hours of nursing or medical companion service ?

You can avail long term or short term care for your loved one. You can opt for 1-7 days package of nursing or medical companion services as per your need.

How does a ZevA nurse helps you at Home?

ZevA app has the following Nursing options

  • Emergency Nursing care
  • Checking the vitals, immediate wound management, ventilator management etc.

  • Maternal Nursing care
  • Bed rest cases, personal hygienes, neonatal care

  • Long Term Nursing
  • Tracheostomy care, Ryles tube feeding, Peg Feed, Catheter care, Wound care Management, Bed transfers, Sponge bath etc.

  • Short-term nursing care
  • IV infusions, IM injections, wound dressing, bladder wash, sample collections, catheter and ryles tube fixations etc.

  • ICU care management
  • Oncology Nursing
  • Dialysis support
  • Geriatric Care Nursing

How does ZevA Medical companions helps you at home?

ZevA Medical companion can help in

  • Personal hygiene
  • Bed Transfers
  • Basic Medical care
  • Patient Mobilization - Accompany to any Patient needs
  • Travel/Transfer with Patient

How different is ZevA dietitian counselling from hospital dietitian counselling?

We provide you better home setup diet counselling with your understanding over food selection which meet your nutritional needs as per daily requirements to maintain proper health.

Does the ZevA dietitian counsel therapeutic diets?

Yes, we do provide therapeutic diets based on your recent health reports.

Do ZevA dietitian have dietitian weight management programs?

Yes, weight management is handled way more personally as achieving the Ideal Body Weight is the main and critical goal to be achieved by staying connected with the patient.

Is pediatric and geriatric diet counsellings handled by ZevA dietitians?

Yes, apart from infancy all age groups are having diet counsellings.

Does ZevA dietitians help with sports nutrition?

Yes, we do provide sports nutrition counsellings.

Is fat analyser available for weight management counsellings?

No, unfortunately we don't analyse the fat however we help the patient to achieve ideal body weight with proper maintenance of muscle mass and immune system.