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About ZevA

ZevA is a mobile application which delivers real-time healthcare at your doorstep. It brings in world-class healthcare to your home and aims to create primary healthcare not only more accessible, but also affordable to your needs.

ZevA caters three wide range of medical practices - allopathy, ayurvedic and homeopathy. You can choose your Doctors, Nurses & Medical companions, Physiotherapists, Dietitians, Diagnostic tests and Medical Equipments at your convenient place and time. We aim to provide better life through technology and easy access to high quality personalized healthcare.


ZevA Services


Every now and then, you might need to consult a doctor for your general health check-up, fever, cold, allergic infections, chronic illness, and more.
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ZevA Nurses

Nurses and Medical Companions

ZevA nurses can help you by providing services such as postoperative care, elderly care, chronic care, prenatal & postnatal care, baby care, and IV infusions etc.
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ZevA Services Physio


Many of us assume that, physiotherapy is for recovery after you had met with an accident or experienced any sports-related injury. Actually speaking, physiotherapy can be used Know more

ZevA Dietitian Services


Dietitians do not guide patients to keep track of their weight. They also inspire and provide nutrition counselling to make healthier food choices to meet their nutrition needs. Know more

ZevA Diagnostics Services

Diagnostics Tests

Now it is very easy to book a test for you and your loved ones Download the ZevA app and get your test sample collected from home. Know more

ZevA Diagnostics Services

Medical Equipment (Rental)

Get ICU setup at your home on rental basis. Call +917022684005 and get medical equipments for rent at your home. Know more

Our Features

Connect with Healthcare professionals with the touch of a button

Have services delivered at your home, office or a location of your choice

Convenient Healthcare delivered to your family and friends

Book and have healthcare services delivered on your behalf


24/7 Services

Medical practitioners are available at time of your need

Transact with Ease and Transparency

Pay online, pay per published rates. No hidden charges

Experience medical service at your convenience

No waiting for your turn to meet your medical practitioner, the practitioner comes to you